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World Record Freshwater Fish

Records provided courtesy of the International Game Fish Association, the fishing world record record sanctioning and registering authority.
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Species / Name
Lbs-Oz / Date
Scott Barnsley
63 lbs 2oz
Apr. 28, 1991
Queensland, Australia
Bass, Guadalupe
Allen Christenson Jr.
3 lbs 11 oz
Sept. 25, 1983
Lake Travis, TX
Bass, Largemouth
George W. Perry
22 lbs 4 oz
June 2, 1932
Montgomery Lake, GA
Bass, Roanoke
Tom Elkins
1lbs 5 oz
Nov. 11, 1991
Nottoway River, VA
Bass, rock
Peter Gulgin
3 lbs 0 oz
Aug. 1, 1974
York River, Ontario
Bass, smallmouth
John T. Gorman
11 lbs 15 oz
Apr. 24, 1969

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